OUR VISION: To Provide Life Skills for Academic Excellence Geared Towards Secured A Future

MISSION STATEMENT: To Provide Good Qualitative Education In a Safe and Conducive Environment. BRIDGING THE LEARNING GAP.


(1) High professional standard in teaching and learning

(2) Conducive and well equipped playground

(3) Good library and computer room

(4) A safe supportive school climate


(1) Sound Intellectual and Moral Development

(2) Exploit Technology to Reinforce Teaching  and Learning

(3) Foster Student Creativity

(4) Encourage Transfer of Learning

(5) Develop Interpersonal Skills

(6) Promoting Team Work has a Process.


(1) Music

(2) Art and Craft

(3) Field trips

(4) Concerts

(5) Sports day

(6) Fund raisers

(7) Display of children work round the school

(8) Training and re-training of staffs (Most Importantly Teachers Appreciation)