The following club activities are carried out to bridge learning activities

(1) Red Cross

(2) Girls guide and Boys scout

(4) Rotaract Club

(5) Cultural and Dramatic Society

(6) Literary and Debating Society

(7) Boys brigade

(8) Road safety


Based on wide research into major international curricula, the Nigerian curriculum inclusive, we developed a curriculum that has extensive, extra and cross-curricular linkages that is project,  inquiry based and focused on building the skills that will ensure success in the 21st century. The scope of teaching is clearly to align with teachings that will promote lifelong learning and survival skills for the 21st Century. Skills like collaboration across Networks, Critical thinking and Problem solving, Adaptability, Initiative, Effective Oral and Written Communication, Curiosity and Imagination, accessing and analyzing Information

Subject Offered for K.G / Nursery:

The nursery is wonderful. We are convinced that the child’s success is based on co-operation between parents and teachers. And we hope to build more relationships with our beloved parent. Take a moment to imagine the nursery world: letters, numbers, stories, sharing palaces, puzzles, games, paintings, and firecrackers. Imagination and creativity are everywhere. When you talk to your child about their days and do their best to do the work, remember that the nursery is a kindergarten. Many times the process is more important than the product, and learning is achieved by performing, touching, and experimenting

(Numeracy,  Literacy,  Practical life,  Censorial, Cultural, Creativity,    Moral Instruction, Movement, Music, Rhymes, Phonics and Hand writing)

Subject offered for  Primary:

(Numeracy, Literacy, Social Studies, Basic Science,  Arts and Craft,  Computer Appreciation, Vocational Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning,  Quantitative Reasoning, Handwriting,  Yoruba,  Music Physical and Health Education and Religious and Moral Values)



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